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MSS Safety Systems : Product

Description of MSS's automatic docking system
- the hookfree system

Docking unit
The dock and the boat shall form a unit when the boat is in position in the dock.
The dock shall carry the boat when the unit is lifted.
No hook needs to be manually connected to the boat.
The boat will automatically lock to the dock when the boat enters the dock.
The dock will give the boat increased stability and buoyancy and protect it when slamming into the ship's side.
With a bowsing line connected from the dock to a guide wire along the ship's side, the swinging motion can be very much reduced.

The system can be used with most types of boats. The docking unit will be adapted to the type of boat in question and the boat will be fitted with arrangements for locking the boat to the dock.

Most standard type davits or cranes can be used. The docking unit can be adapted for single or dual point lift. The capacity of the davit must be sufficient for the combined weight of a fully laden boat and the dock.

Connection points
The docking unit is permanently connected to the lifting wire and to the painter. No manual operation is needed. The painter should preferably be attached to an adjustable painter boom on the ship.

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